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Autec Maki Sushi Cutter ASM 260A

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  • Power Supply: AC110V-120V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 15.0" W x 11.4" L x 19.2" H (37.9cm x 29cm x 48.7cm ht)
  • Weight: Apprx 37.5 lbs (17kg)
  • Sushi Roll Thickness: 24mm-50mm diameter
  • Sushi Roll Length: [6/8 Pieces] 180mm-190mm, [10 Pieces] 200mm - 210mm
  • Cutting Sizes:
    • Vertical Roll, 6-piece cut-------Approx. 1.2”/pc (30mm)
    • Vertical Roll, 8-piece cut------Approx. 0.9”/pc (22.5mm)
    • Vertical Roll, 10-piece cut-----Approx. 0.8”/pc (20mm)
  • Processing Capacity:
    • Hosomaki (24mm thickness): 4 rolls at a time
    • Inside-Out Rolls (35mm thickness): 2 rolls at a time
    • Futomaki (45mm thickness): 1 roll at a time
  • Upward Cutting: Sushi rolls are raised upward through the cutting unit allowing the ASM260A to be more adaptable and efficient for different business environments:
  • Multiple Roll Cutting: Cut up to 2 uramaki rolls or 4 hosomaki rolls at one time.
  • Cut Rolls with Toppings: Easily cuts rolls with toppings, like Rainbow Roll, without anything falling off.
  • Interchangeable Blade Frames: Different frames which hold different amounts of blades (6, 8, 10 pc) are easily swappable to make different amounts of sushi pieces.
  • Zero Direct Blade Contact: Rolls are safely cut behind the Front Cover to avoid direct contact.
  • Easy Cleaning: Only 4 large removable parts make daily maintenance and cleaning easy.

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