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Towan Non Slip Wooden Chopsticks Pearl Lavender - Dishwasher Safe

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These chopsticks are made with several trials, and Towan finally found the best materials, shapes, and weights for chopsticks that are designed for daily use.
The wood used for these chopsticks is natural Tamo, also known as white ash. While we experimented with common materials like Marasu (Southeast Asian material) and bamboo for chopstick prototypes, we ultimately chose Tamo due to its natural color, beautiful grain, durability, and compatibility with various colors.
Since these chopsticks are used daily, they are dishwasher-friendly for convenience. The anti-slip processing is subtle yet effective when touched near the tip. Towan has carefully considered color enhancement, adding pearl powder to each color for a vibrant and glamorous appearance. The pearl powder amount is adjusted to avoid excessive brightness, resulting in a unique and uplifting set of chopsticks. The overall subtle luster expresses a refined beauty. The unpainted tip (revealing Tamo wood grain) has a transparent, water-resistant coating, ensuring worry-free use against water and oil stains.

  • Color: Pearl Lavender
  • Material: Tamo Ash (Ash Tree), Urethane coating
  • BPA Free
  • Dimensions: 8.85" (22.5cm)
  • Non slip tips
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Japan

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