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Sakai Takayuki Inox Mioroshi Deba 240mm (9.4") Wooden Handle

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  • Style : Mioroshi Deba
  • Length : 240mm (9.4")
  • Weight : oz
  • Blade Steel Type : Inox
  • Handle material : Ho (Japanese magnolia) wood
  • HRC : 60
  • Bevel Angle Ratio : Single beve
  • Cover : Not included
Blade & Handle

Aoki Hamono applies their expertise in crafting traditional knives to produce knives that are appealing to non-Japanese cooks. This series offers the sharpness of traditional single bevel blades but are rust-resistant and not as brittle, so more suitable for cooks who don't want to work with a delicate knife. The blade is actually made in the traditional style of the kasumi, but by layering Inox steel and soft stain-resistant steel instead of carbon steel and soft iron. The anti-bacterial handle ensures hygiene standards, and is ideal for cooks who butcher fish or meat.

Mioroshi Deba Knife

The Mioroshi deba serves as both a deba and yanagi, and was originally designed to save fishermen from having to carry two different knives on their boats.

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