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Sakai Takayuki Coreless Damascus Kengata Sujihiki 260mm (10.2")

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Style : Sujihiki (Slicing Knife)
Length : 260mm (10.2")
Weight : 6.9 oz (194g)
Blade Steel Type : VG10/VG2 Multi-Layered Coreless Damascus Stainless Steel
Handle material : Micarta
Bolster: Stainless
Bevel Angle Ratio : 70/30
HRC : 61
Cover : Not included
Special Feature : Coreless Damascus

Blade & Handle

Sakai Takayuki created this coreless Damascus using a proprietary technology that stack dozens of layers of VG10 and VG2 steels. While most kitchen knives contain a core, the Sakai Takayuki ??coreless?? series does not use a separate core material. Instead, the numerous layers are combined to create a wear resistant, high toughness, high hardness knife with excellent sharpness. Since the knife is without a core, it can be sharpened as the 60/40 double-edge or even as the edge like a 10/90 single-bevel.
This well-balanced knife with thin blade allows the user to cut with very little resistance.
The canvas micarta handle provides a better grip and a more durable long-lasting handle that can tolerate extreme temperatures. Micarta is made of canvas (cotton), linen, plywood, paper, etc. as the core, and is mainly bonded with phenol resin and an perfect material for knife handles, with excellent robustness, water resistance.

Sujihiki Slicing Knife

Sujihiki (lit. muscle pulling, meaning muscle or tendon cutter) is the Japanese adaptation of western-style slicers. These knives are made thinner and shorter than chef's knives, nakiri and santoku in order to minimize friction while slicing meat and fish. Some chefs will use this style of knife to prepare sashimi and sushi in lieu of a yanagi-ba for its favorable maintenance requirements versus single bevel knives.

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