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Modern Pinch Laundry & Bag Clips Large

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These lightweight and sturdy aluminum laundry clips feature rounded clamping parts and a textured surface on the holding part for improved grip.
These aluminum clips have a long history, having been continuously produced since the 1940s in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo. They are resistant to sunlight and rain, ensuring long-lasting use.
Also perfect for securing documents, notes, snacks, or bags of dry goods. Its slightly retro design adds a touch of elegance, and its affordable price is an additional attraction.

  • Material: Alminum
  • Dimensions: 2.1" (54mm) Length
  • Made in Japan
  • As laundry clips: Plastic laundry clips are prone to cracking due to UV degradation, resulting in a shortage when you need them for hanging clothes. These clips are convenient for replenishing the ones that are missing. They have holes for threading a string.
  • For food preservation: Perfect for securing open bags of dry goods or partially eaten snacks. Keep several in the kitchen for easy access.
  • As an alternative to memo clips: Useful for organizing papers such as notes, receipts, and torn magazine pages that tend to scatter. They can be hung on hooks by threading a string, allowing for various creative uses.

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