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Autex Oil for Autec Sushi Robot with Trigger 8 fl oz

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Autex sushi robot oil prevents rice from sticking to robot parts, rice trays and boxes for a smooth and efficient operation, also provides not only lubrication but also protection against rust. Autex is food grade oil made of high oleic, expeller pressed sunflower oil derived from non-genetically modified seeds.


• Non-GMO Sunflower Oil (odorless, flavorless and clear)
• Star-K Kosher Certified
• 8 fl oz / 236 ml (Approx. 3 months usage)
• [Bottle] 6.25" height x 3" dia, [Bottle with triger] 8" height x 3" dia

What is High Oleic Non-GMO Sunflower oil?

High oleic acid sunflower oil is an oil with high stability. High oleic properties extend shelf-life naturally and can often replace hydrogenated oil, which is used for a label cleaner. The sunflower seeds do not undergo genetic modification in any way.

How is this product different from a store bought vegetable oil?

Regular vegetable oil has a heavier consistency which provides stickier lubrication causing the oil to cling onto surfaces. Vigorous scrubbing won't completely remove the oil residue off and also causes irreversible damages, especially to valuable robot parts.

How to use

Spray onto necessary machine parts, rice trays and rice boxes before operation to prevent rice from sticking to the surfaces.

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