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Hasegawa FPEL Wood Core Black Soft Polyethylene Cutting Board 17.3" x 11.4" x 0.7" ht

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The PE (Polyethylene) Cutting Board comes with a harder surface than the Hasegawa Soft Rubber Cutting Board. While the latter is recommended for delicate cuttings (sushi, sashimi) in mind, the former takes on your general tasks like vegetables, meats, and fish (except for hard chopping) and will resist staining and deep gouging from rougher work better.
There are many types of polyethylene and each has a different molecular weight and hardness that creates various physical characteristics. Most cheap PEs use a single material, but the PE Hasegawa used is a blend of three PEs. This improves the ideal hardness, hygienic properties, durability, etc. Besides that, the antibacterial agents are also blended. The antibacterial agent used for Hasegawa's cutting boards is recognized by the Japan Antibacterial Products Association.
Elevate your culinary presentation with our sleek black cutting board! Designed to showcase your culinary creations, this stylish board is the ultimate choice for chefs who take pride in displaying their work.

  • Material: Polyethylene (4mm each side), Broadleaf Tree (10mm core)
  • Dimensions: 17.3" x 11.4" x 0.7" ht (44cm x 29cm x 1.8cm ht)
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs / 1.5kg
  • Made in Japan
Why Wood-Core?
  • It's Sturdy : Wood core prevents warping and bending from long-term use and high-temp washing. It is always stable, dishwasher safe, and shows enough rigidity when in bridging.
  • Light Weight : Wood core reduces weight by 30-50%% compared to other solid plastic cutting boards. That makes handling so easy that the burden of washing heavy cutting boards can be reduced. Also, it can avoid serious injuries due to unexpected drops.
  • Aesthetic Design : Hasegawa features two symbolic white sidelines that are not simply printed but are the layers that seamlessly bond the black PE surface to the wood core. This innovative design differentiates from other black cutting boards on the market and goes beyond mere decoration.
  • View Good to Know about Hasegawa Wood Core
Isn't Wood-Core Unhygienic?
  • The wood-core of HASEGAWA's cutting board is sterilized and covered with thick plastic layers fully and completely. Therefore wood won't be exposed except for unusual rough handling.
  • This board is SIAA certified, which is one of the highest sanitation standards awarded in Japan. Antibacterial surfaces in compliance with SIAA standards have been tested to exhibit 1% bacterial growth versus untreated surfaces.
  • Because of the soft surface technology, be sure to rinse the board often to avoid stains from setting in.
  • Dishwasher and bleach safe.
  • Use Tawashi Scrubbing Brush to clean the surface.
  1. Do not use or store at temperatures over 194F (90C) or below -22F (-30C).
  2. Warping and deformation may occur when weight is applied over a long period at high temperatures. If that happens, heat the board to about 176F (80C), place it on a flat surface, place something heavy on top and let it cool.
  3. Please do not place recently deep-fried food directly onto the board after frying. At scalding hot temperatures the material will absorb oil and grease causing the board to discolor or stain.

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