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Suehiro #100 Grit Sharpening Stone Fixer 1B005

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Maintaining a flat stone is a fundamental factor in knife sharpening because a concave surface will make sharpening counterproductive. When you get the impression that you do not have the same result as the beginning due to clogging such as concave or dirt after use, this stone fixer will flatten your whetstone like you just purchase. So that you can sharpen knives using the overall surface.

Recommended Sharpening Stones

This stone fixer is suitable for flattening stones as coarse as 100 grit and up to 2000 grit. This stone fixer often comes with rough edges so it's recommended to either first flatten a coarse stone, use coarse sandpaper or metal file on the edges or rub it on the sidewalk. These rough edges can gouge softer stones, but once it has been broken in there is no trouble. The scratch pattern it leaves can have some variance with larger particles. This is the main reason for sticking below 2000 grit with this stone. It will effectively flatten finer stones, but the surface of those stones will need to be conditioned afterward in order to get the proper results from them.
For finer grit stones we recommend Atoma 400 or Suehiro #280 Grit Sharpening Stone Fixer.

  • Material: Synthetic stone
  • Dimensions: 8.1" x 2.1" x 1.1" ht (206mm × 53mm × 27mm ht)

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