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Panasonic 30-Cup (Uncooked) NSF Rice Cooker with Non-stick Coated Pan SR-GA541FH

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Panasonic reliable, high-quality commercial rice and grain cooker has a built-in double thermal fuse which ensures safety and precision control to keep cooked rice fresh and warm for up to 5 hours, virtually eliminating burning or overcooking, while protecting the cooker from possible rise in temperature. The non-stick Teflon pan liner makes it easy and quick to clean after use.


• Loading Capacity: 30 Cups (Uncooked Rice), 60 Cup (Cooked Rice) / 1 cup = 6 oz
• Dimensions: 16.9" W x 14.2" H x 14.8" D
• Weight: 26.5 lbs
• Inner Pan: Durable non-stick Fluoride Teflon coated pan
• Cover: Silver Metal Lid
• Keep rice warm up to 5 Hours
• Accessories: Measuring Cup
• Power Source: 120V AC/60 Hz
• Power Consumption: 1800W
• UL and NSF certified
• Panasonic Product: SR-GA541FH
• Warranty: 6 month limited warranty

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