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Caramel Leather 10 Slots Knife Roll Bag

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These 10-slot leather knife bags are designed to fit a full accompaniment of knives and small tools for a working chef. Made entirely out of buffalo leather with brass fittings, these bags are built to endure; the ridgeline running under the handle is reinforced with metal to prevent the roll from deforming at the ends when loaded with knives. Leather is a natural product and as such, each bag will have slightly different characteristics as a result of slightly different tanning, dying, aging, leather grain, etc. As you continue to use your leather knife roll it will patina and become more supple, lending it charming character.

We recommend that knives be stored in your roll with some sort of edge guard to prevent accidents or damaging the bag (very sharp knives may easily cut leather). The 3 slots at the left end when unrolled are slightly smaller than the rest to accommodate petty knives or other smaller, thinner instruments while the rest of the slots are built to fit knives with handles up to 3cm round. The zipper pocket is deep enough to fit kitchen miscellany such as spatulas, thermometers, bench scrapers, pens, etc.


Material: Leather, Brass
Dimensions: 22" length x 5.5" (28.7" unrolled) width / 55.5cm length x 14cm (73cm unrolled) width
Weight: 5 lbs
10 Knife slots
Fits up to 330mm knife with saya
Comes with a shoulder strap

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