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Ittosai Kotetsu White #2 Deba 210mm (8.2")

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  • Style: Deba
  • Length: 210mm (8.2")
  • Weight: 1.01 lbs (458g)
  • Blade Steel Type: White #2
  • Handle & Bolster Material: Octagonal magnolia handle / Water Buffalo Horn
  • HRC: 60-62
  • Bevel Angle Ratio: Single bevel (Right-Handed)
  • Cover: Not included
  • Please be aware that these knife handles are made using water buffalo horn, a natural material. We make no guarantee and do not take requests as to the color or patterning of the buffalo horn. It may be solid black, blonde, or a mixture thereof. Thank you for understanding.
Blade & Handle

This Ittosai Kotetsu knife is made from White 2 steel and is a single-beveled knife. This steel type is celebrated for making high-quality blades more accessible without compromising the excellence of materials. The blade's design facilitates streamlined sharpening, reducing production costs and offering a superior cutting experience. The octagonal magnolia handle is aesthetically pleasing and provides a comfortable grip, ensuring the knife feels balanced and easy to control during precise tasks. The well-polished spine and heel further enhance user comfort, making this knife a pleasure to use for prolonged periods.

Steel Type

White 2 steel is revered among chefs and knife enthusiasts for its exceptional balance between sharpness retention and ease of sharpening. With a hardness rating of 60-62 on the Rockwell scale, knives crafted from White 2 steel can achieve an excellent edge while remaining straightforward to sharpen. This makes them ideal for those who value performance and maintenance simplicity in their culinary tools.

About Ittosai Kotetsu

Founded in 1917 by the previous generation's Kusutaro Takahashi, Ittosai Kotetsu was named after "Kotetsu," a renowned swordsmith of the Edo period, and "Ittousai," the founder of the flourishing Ittoryu swordsmanship of the Edo period. Ittosai Kotetsu continues this tradition of excellence, focusing on the delicate balance between achieving peak sharpness and maintaining ease of sharpening in their knives. Each knife is a testament to the brand's dedication to quality, embodying over a century of Japanese craftsmanship and innovation. The Ittosai Kotetsu signature engraved on each knife is a seal of quality and an ode to a legacy that blends the art of traditional sword-making with modern culinary needs.

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