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Asahi Rubber Cutting Board 47.2" x 17.7" x 0.75" ht

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Considered the finest cutting board available in Japan, it is the standard for top sushi chefs and the most beloved cutting board among top sushi Omakase in Japan, including legend Sukiyabashi Jiro for several reasons:

Durability: The Asahi rubber cutting board is known for its exceptional durability. It is constructed from high-quality rubber materials that can withstand heavy daily use in a professional kitchen.

Blade-friendly: The rubber material used in the Asahi cutting board is gentle on knife blades. It offers a slight cushioning effect like a wood-like texture that helps to protect the sharpness of the knives and prevent excessive wear and tear. This feature is crucial for professional cooks who rely on precise and efficient cutting techniques.

Slip-resistant: The rubber cutting board has a non-slip surface that provides excellent grip and stability during food preparation. This feature is particularly valuable in a fast-paced professional kitchen, where quick and accurate knife work is essential.

Hygienic properties: The Asahi rubber cutting board is resistant to scratch and moisture, liquids, making it highly hygienic. Its non-porous surface inhibits the growth of bacteria, preventing cross-contamination during food preparation.

These qualities make it a reliable and practical tool for the demanding and fast-paced environment of a professional kitchen.

  • Material: Synthetic Rubber
  • Dimensions: 47.2" x 17.7" x 0.75" (120cm x 45cm x 2cm)
  • Weight: 30.2 lbs (13.7kg)

Asahi Soft Rubber Cutting Board (0.25" thick) is available here. (which is used over another hard surface cutting board)

Care and Cleaning
  • Use a scrubber or a crush with a neutral detergent to wash and wipe off the water and dry it. It is effective in preventing mold and darkening. Also, bleach is effective for removing stubborn grime. We recommend using bleach that contains disinfectant (Use household bleach available in stores).
  • Use a Cutting Board Scraper to erase tough spots, yellowing, molds, grooves, and feathering from the surface of your cutting board.
  • Do not use or store at temperatures over 194F (90C) or below -22F (-30C).
  • Do not use a dishwasher or dish dryer.
  • Warping and deformation may occur when weight is applied over a long period at high temperatures. If that happens, heat the board to about 176F (80C), place it on a flat surface, place something heavy on top and let it cool.

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