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Glass Chopstick Rest Hand Thrown Tsugaru Vidro Nebuta Nagashi

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• Material: Glass (Ishizuku Glass)
• Dimensions: 1.5"dia x 0.25"-0.5"ht (3.7cm dia x 0.7-1.2cm ht)

"Tsugaru Vidro" has been expanded with the happening that one craft man mixed sand from the seashore, Shichiri Nagahama, famed as the most beautiful seashore into the glass and it came out in beautiful color. From then, they have crafted unique glassware and "Tsugaru Vidro" is a traditional craft certified by Aomori Prefecture. These Tsugaru Vidro Nebuta Nagashi Chopstick Rests are hand thrown and designed with an idea from the gorgeousness of the Nebuta Festival, one of the three major festivals in Tohoku. Each rest is unique and special to its owner. Its warm colors are loved all over Japan and around the world. The "Tsugaru Bidoro" shows the infinite look of a moving scene by popping of colors from all four seasons unique to Japan and combining various illuminations.
These chopstick rests will enhance your tabletop presentation, keep your chopsticks clean and prevent them from rolling away.

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