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Shigaraki Shojiki Kyusu Teapot 10.1 fl oz

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This teapot is handcrafted one by one by Shikou Toubou (????) pottery in Shiga Prefecture where Sigaraki-yaki (???) was born. The style of this teapot is slightly different from the regular teapots we see. This Shiboridashi Shojiki teapot features a ceramic tea strainer equipped into the upper part of the teapot and has approximately 140 holes for straining tea leaves. With the small holes close to the lip, you can squeeze out the last drop of tea. "Shiboridashi " is the meaning of that. In this way, the second brew will be still mellow and enjoyable as it can squeeze down to the last drop which contains tannins. The taste of the tea relies on the quality of the tea leaves and the teapot you brew with.

  • Material: Ceramic (Shigaraki-yaki)
  • Capacity: 10.1 fl oz (300ml)
  • Dimensions: 3.9" dia x 4.2" ht, 5.7" width with the lip (10cm dia x 10.7cm ht, 14.5cm width)
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