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Haku Inox Petty 150mm (5.9")

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  • Brand : Haku *Engineered under Mr. Yusuke Sawada of Nenohi
  • Style : Petty (Paring Knife)
  • Length : 150mm (5.9")
  • Weight : 3.3 oz
  • Blade Steel Type : High Carbon Molybdenum Vanadium
  • Handle material : POM Resin
  • HRC : 58*
  • Bevel Angle Ratio : 60/40
  • Cover : Not included
About Haku Knives

Mr. Yusuke Sawada of Nenohi has collaborated with MTC Kitchen to oversee the production of MTC’s Exclusive line, Haku. Haku is made out of a single piece of 100% high carbon inox steel, this knife is an ideal choice for professional chefs and culinary students looking to foray into the world of Japanese knives.

What Haku was born for

Mutual Trading Company has worked with Mr. Yusuke Sawada of Nenohi Cutlery, to design these knives and we are pleased to offer this knife at such a reasonable price. With many knives that focus on the initial edge, Nenohi thought about how they could create a knife that is durable and can answer the demands of a modern kitchen. A balance must be struck between a very thin, performance-driven blade and a much thicker western-style blade used for heavy chopping tasks. We have struck what we believe is an ideal middle ground with a knife that can perform delicate knife cuts with ease but also stand up to the heavier tasks at hand in a professional environment.

We believe that Haku will perform to your expectations regardless of how or what you are using the knife for. In addition to its affordability, this knife also offers a keen edge out-of-the-box and superb ease of sharpening. We originally had them heat treated to reach 61 HRC but later reduced them to 58 HRC to reach what we felt was a more versatile, easier-to-maintain knife that is more ductile.

Logo on Haku Knives

The Haku logo was designed by Masako Inkyo, a world-renowned and award-winning calligraphy master, who is the official shodoka (Japanese calligrapher) for Nissan's luxury vehicle division, Infiniti.

Petty Knife

This is a small multipurpose paring/petty knife used to peel, cut, de-seed, and tourne vegetables and fruit, as well as do other tasks like de-veining shrimp. It is an essential tool for bartenders who serve fresh fruit garnishes.

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