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Kuki Junsei Goma Abura - Toasted Sesame Oil 5.75 fl oz (170ml)

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This naturally pressed sesame oil made from toasted white sesame seeds is manufactured by Kuki Sangyo. In 1886 Kuki Company was the first in Japan to introduce the technique of producing sesame oil by pressing seeds without the use of chemicals or additives. They have been using this method for over 120 years now.

Kuki Company uses carefully selected, organic white sesame seeds, imported from Africa and South America. The production begins with rinsing, drying and removing unwanted materials. The seeds are roasted using both traditional methods (skills and experiences) and modern technology. The result is perfectly and uniformly roasted sesame seeds that have the right amount of nuttiness and no bitterness. The seeds are then transferred into a pressing machine and left to be pressed naturally. In this natural method, 20 pounds of sesame seeds produce about 8 pounds of pure sesame oil. The oil is then left to rest for over two weeks, then filtered to remove any impurities.

Toasted sesame seed oil is much more nutty and fragrant than untoasted sesame oil, and a little can go a long way. It can be used as a finishing oil or in place of other oils when sauteing or braising. Tempura chefs in Tokyo will often blend their oil with some sesame oil to enhance the flavor and texture of the batter.


Manufacturer: Kuki Sangyo/??¥?¼??öúµÑ¡
Ingredients: Toasted sesame seed oil
5.75 fl oz (170ml)
Country of Origin: Japan
Shelf Life: 9 months (store in a cool, dry and dark place)

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We import food products from Japan via sea, so the shelf life will be shorter than it is in the Japanese markets. The expiration date usually will be around 3-9 months. Food products cannot be returned unless the expiration date is within 1 month when the item is delivered. If any food items in your order do not meet your expectations please contact us within 30 days. You can reach to us at or (201) 806-1827.

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