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Yamamotoyama Green Tea Mint 18 Tea Bags

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Yamamotoyama proprietary Non-GMO Sencha green tea is blended with the soothing essence of mint. In the Eastern, warm mint beverages are often used to comfort the tongue, mouth and throat.

  • Ingredients: Premium Green Tea, Spearmint, Peppermint
  • Net Weight: 0.8 oz (23g)
  • 18 tea bags
  • Manufacturer: Yamamotoyama
Brewing Instruction
  1. Boil water and cool to 170-180F (77-82C).
  2. Place tea bag in cup and add 8 oz. Hot water.
  3. Steep for 1-3 minutes and remove tea bag.
About Yamamotoyama

Around 1738, Kahei Yamamoto IV wanted to make green tea accessible to not only wealthy people but to everyone. He learned that steaming tea leaves resulted in a delicious tea with a fresh yellow-green color, balanced sweetness, mild astringency and retained nutrients. This tea, called sencha, became a sensation, and Yamamotoyama became a household name.
Yamamotoyama's culture of innovation continued with Kahei Yamamoto VI and the invention of Gyokuro tea in 1835. Gyokuro is known as the highest quality tea with a dense, rich sweetness and astringency. Some who have tried it describe it as the espresso of green teas.
Kahei Yamamoto VIII began manufacturing and selling seaweed as a holiday gift in 1947, which became immensely popular in Japan's gift-giving culture.

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