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Vermicular Wooden Magnetic Trivet

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Make your Musui presentation ready and move seamlessly from stove to table with our Magnetic Trivet. Made of natural wood in 2 finishes with 3 cast iron logo plate colors, our Magnetic Trivet is handcrafted in the same family foundry as our Japanese cast iron cookware.

Kitchen-to-Table: Place your Musui squarely onto the Magnetic Trivet to attach to the base of the Musui. To remove, lightly tilt the Musui to one side while on a flat surface. Then lift the Musui up and away from the trivet.

The story behind Vermicular MUSUI Cast Iron Pot

Vermicular graphite iron is a unique element, known for being difficult to manipulate and for having the hybrid characteristics of exceptional heat conduction and durability. After three years of rigorous trials, Aichi Dobby foundry created a new alloy from this iron that allowed us to improve our enamel process. Vermicular was born. It quickly became the centerpiece of Japanese kitchens, a growing community around the joy of cooking at home.
Vermicular engineers cookware that lasts a lifetime, for families to enjoy and pass down—inspiring a love of cooking for the next generation to come.

  • Material: Wood, Magnet
  • Dimensions :8.7" dia (22cm)
  • Made in Japan
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