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Summit Iron Beijing Wok Stir Fry Pan 14.2" dia

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Part of Summit's Pro Series, this 36cm Beijing Wok is for those looking to upgrade their basic wok. These durable iron woks improve as you use them and will last years with the proper care. Their excellent heat conductivity makes them perfect for stir-frying food. As an added benefit, the iron ions from the pan will be absorbed into your food while cooking.

  • Materials: [Pan] Iron, Silicone coated (non-toxic), [Handle] Iron
  • Dimensions: 14.2" dia x 7.3" ht (36cm dia x 18.5cm ht), Total length: 20.3" (51.5cm)
  • Bottom Thickness: 0.05" (1.2mm)
  • Weight: 1,450g
  • Made in Japan
  • Ideal cooktops:
    Ideal for use on Gas Stove
Carbon Steel Iron's benefits


One of the main drawbacks of cast iron is its weight. The carbon steel pan has many of the same benefits as cast iron but is much lighter making it easier to maneuver while cooking. Summit has found the best thickness of iron for the perfect balance between lightweight and heat conductivity to retain the best attributes of cast iron without the weight.

Naturally Nonstick

Carbon steel pots and pans are nonstick without the use of synthetic chemical-treated surfaces. Create a natural nonstick barrier by seasoning the pan with oil.

Low Maintenance

Once a carbon steel pan is properly seasoned, it is easy to maintain the naturally nonstick surface. After each use, simply wipe the surface clean and reapply a thin layer of oil before storage. For tough jobs, use a tawashi scrubber to remove any remaining food particles.


Like cast iron cookware, carbon steel is meant to last. Carbon steel cookware gets better with age and use. Regular usage of carbon steel ensures the building up of the nonstick surface.

How to Care Iron Pan (PDF)

About Manufacturer

Summit Kogyo is an iron kitchenware manufacturing specialist located in Tsubame Sanjo, a famous metalworking city, in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. Summit has been in business for over 70 years creating these durable products using the time-tested techniques of their metalworking craftsmen. Summit's Iron Pan is constructed with a thick bottom and thinner sides creating uniform heat conduction, good heat retention, and lightweight enough for easy everyday use. This is the most balanced cookware perfect for home cooks and is sure to become a staple in your kitchen.

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