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Chef Tongs Stainless Steel Special Sharp Plating Tweezers 8.25" (210mm)

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Elevate your dishes with the Chef's Tongs SP tweezers, inspired by the elegance of Japanese Moribashi plating chopsticks, these tweezers are meticulously crafted in Japan by skilled artisans from Tsubame Sanjo, renowned for their excellence in the stainless steel industry in Niigata prefecture. Each piece is created one at a time with meticulous care, precision, and a commitment to perfection, ensuring that your culinary artistry reaches new heights. Inspired by the 'Mori-Bashi,' the Chef's Tongs SP was developed featuring an extremely fine tip and straight body that offers a sense of unity with your fingertips. Its fine, delicate tip allows it to grasp even tiny objects and provide soft, precise feedback for manipulating delicate ingredients and garnishing dishes with utmost accuracy. Opt for the epitome of precision, hygiene, and lasting durability when plating delicate and temperature-sensitive ingredients, thanks to the brushed stainless steel finish that maintains a clean and professional appearance, and the extreme thinness that ensures a lifetime of use. Experience the artistry of Japanese Moribashi in every culinary creation.

  • Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • Size: 8.25" (210mm) length
  • Made in Japan

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