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Nenox Knife Saya Cover for Sujihiki 230mm (9.0")

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Steel Type : (HO) Japanese Magnolia

Dimensions : 230mm (9.0")
* Not actual dimensions- indicates which knife it is for

This wooden saya cover is for Nenox SD Sujihiki 230mm or Nenox Sujihiki 230mm Desert Ironwood Handle or a replacement for Nenox Sujihiki 230mm Jigged Bone Handle cover. Comes with a pin.

*Each product varies in appearance because the wood used for the saya is all natural. The saya you receive will be unique and slightly different from the image.
*Please be advised that each wooden saya covers fit varies slightly due to the natural factors (humidity, dryness etc.), also each knife shape is unique, your knife may not fit this wooden saya. Unfortunately, we do not accept returns, exchanges or refunds of saya covers. All sales of saya are final.

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