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Tsukiji Masamoto Sharpening Stones

Tsukiji Masamoto Sharpening Stones
Tsukiji Masamoto
Tsukiji Masamoto Sharpening Stones

Tsukiji Masamoto is one of Japan’s premier knife makers. Founded in 1845, they began producing cutlery in workshops located outside Tokyo. Today, the 7th-generation owner, Misao Hirano, runs his venerable business from within the city’s famed Tsukiji wholesale fish market, where he personally sells his knives to customers—over 80% of them, professional cooks, chefs or butchers. In fact, Tsukiji Masamoto knives are only available in Japan at the Tsukiji shop and through the company’s official website. and MTC Kitchen is the exclusive distributor of Tsukiji Masamoto knives outside Japan.

Why are Tsukiji Masamoto Sharpening Stones so popular?

Tsukiji Masamoto knives are prized for the quality of their workmanship and materials, and are known for their durability because Mr. Hirano gives the finishing edge to their knives before it reaches the customers. Also Tsukiji Masamoto offers knife sharpening services for professional cooks at their store in Tokyo's famed Tsukiji Market so you know you can trust the quality of their whetstones.

Tsukiji Masamoto Sharpening Stones
Tsukiji Masamoto Sharpening Stones
Tsukiji Masamoto Stone Fixer
Tsukiji Masamoto Sharpening Stones

Maintaining a flat stone is a fundamental factor in knife sharpening because a concave surface will make sharpening counterproductive. Use this stone fixer to keep your sharpening stone flat.

Tsukiji Masamoto Rust Remover

Tsukiji Masamoto Rust Remover is just like an eraser rubs away pencil marks, this rust remover will rub away any oxidized parts of your blade.