Nanbu Cast Iron Teapots & Pot Mats

Nanbu Tetsubin or cast iron teapots will keep tea hotter for longer because cast iron conducts heat efficiently and distributes heat evenly. These teapots are also durable and wear resistant, so you will not have to worry about replacing them for many years. Japan is the second largest producer of cast iron and these teapots are of high quality, however, with the aging population, there are less and less craftsman available to create these cast iron teapots, and supply is fairly limited. We only carry cast iron teapots made in Japan.

Nanbu Cast Iron Teapot 13 fl oz


Specifications• Cast iron (Not enameled on the inside, so the boiling water will contain iron), Stainless Steel (inside strainer)• 4.21" dia x 5.08" w/lip x 3.43" ht (10.7cm dia x 12.9cm w/lip x 8.7cm ht)• 13 fl oz / 380...

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