[NEW] Iwatani Portable Butane Stove VA-30


This Iwatani portable butane stove is equipped with stainless steel windbreaker that protects the flame from wind and air conditioning, makes it perfect for camping and indoor/outdoor commercial use.The magnetic locking system allows locking simply to...

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Iwatani Portable Induction Cooktop IWA-1800


The new redesigned Iwatani Induction Stove IWA-1800 is constructed to be the most portable and durable induction unit available. With a slimmer frame and profile, the IWA-1800 is lighter and multiple units can be placed side by side. Constructed with...

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Iwatani Portable Butane Stove 35FW


Iwatani's patented heat panel system draws heat from the center flame to the butane canister. This patented system correctly maintains constant pressure as the fuel is consumed, correlating a higher BTU output versus stoves with no heat panel system...

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