Sake Servers

Heat Resistant Glass Sake Server 6.5 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Glass (Aderia Glass)• Dimensions: 2.87" x 4.09" ht (7.3cm dia x 10.4cm ht)• Capacity: 6.5 fl oz / 190 ml• Weight: 0.39 lbs*This sake server is microwaveable* Matching cup sold...

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Grainy Black Ceramic Sake Server 6.5 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Ceramic• Dimensions: 2.64" dia x 4.76" ht (6.7cm dia x 12.1cm ht)• Capacity: 6.5 fl oz / 190 ml• Weight: 0.35 lbs* Matching cup sold separately* Please be advised that each individual...

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Bizen Ceramic Sake Server 8 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Ceramic• Dimensions: 3.39" dia x 4.61" x 4.37" ht (8.6cm dia x 11.7cm x 11.1cm ht)• Capacity: 8 fl oz / 240 ml• Weight: 0.49 lbs Matching Cup Bizen Ceramic Sake Cup 3.5 fl oz (90502)$6.20...

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Brown & Black Ceramic Sake Server 7 fl oz


Sake is Japan's national alcoholic beverage brewed from rice, and can be enjoyed in a variety of different vessels. This is a ceramic tokkuri, or flask that is suitable for both cold and warm sakes. Sake is commonly served in these flasks and left at the...

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