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Beer Glasses

Frosted Beer Glass Tumbler 10.5 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Soda-lime glass (Toyo-Sasaki Glass)• Dimensions: 3.15" dia x 4.53" ht (8cm dia x 11.5cm ht)• Capacity: 310 ml / 10.5 fl oz• Weight: 0.48 lbsToyo-Sasaki is the leading glassware company in...

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Lightweight Beer Glass Tumbler 10 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Glass (Ishizuka Glass)• Dimensions: 2.8" dia x 4.84" ht (7.1cm dia x 12.3cm ht)• Capacity: 290 ml / 10 fl oz• Weight: 0.22 lbsThis thin, lightweight but durable glass tumbler from Ishizuka...

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Organic Shaped Fluid Glass Tumbler 16 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Glass (Aderia Glass)• Dimensions: 3.23" dia x 5.43" ht (8.2cm dia x 13.8cm ht)• Capacity: 470 ml / 16 fl oz• Weight: 0.55 lbsTebineri is actually the name of the technique to make the...

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Organic Shaped Glass Cup Tumbler 12 fl oz


Specifications• Material: Glass (Aderia Glass)• Dimensions: 3.27" dia x 5.12" ht (8.3cm x 13cm ht)• Capacity: 355 ml / 12 fl oz• Weight: 0.69 lbsTebineri is actually the name of the technique to make the twists...

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Toyo-Sasaki Hard Strong (HS) Tall Glass Cup 10.5 fl oz


Specifications• Material: HS (Hard Strong) and CC (Cold Cut) Glass (Toyo-Sasaki Glass) • Dimensions: 2.8" dia x 6.69" ht (7.1cm dia x 17cm ht)• Capacity: 10.5 fl oz / 310ml• Weight: 0.54 lbs Toyo-Sasaki is the...

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