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Serving Bowls

[NEW] Kinkessho Bronze Medium Serving Bowl 9 fl oz / 6.3" dia


These metal bronze bowls have a very unique look and add a touch of luxury. The shape and color of this bowl are perfect for serving vibrant dishes such as sashimi or appetizers, Hors d'oeuvre, etc. Slightly higher shapes are good for making elevations...

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Black Speckled Porcelain Pot 20 fl oz / 6.5" dia


This small porcelain pot is oven safe and great to serve gratin or pot pies directly from the oven.Specification• Material: Porcelain• Dimensions: 6.5" dia x 2.5" ht (16.5cm dia x 6.35cm ht)• Capacity: 20 fl oz / 590...

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Blue Soup Cup with Handle 12.5 fl oz / 5.12" dia


Aesthetic appeal in traditional Japanese cuisine has always played a vital role, and the choice of tableware is just as important as the choice of ingredients. While a lot of other cuisines prefer a plain white canvas, Japanese chefs use plates, bowls,...

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