Japanese tableware comprises of bowls for specific uses. Here, you will find bowls for rice (Meshiwan), soup (Shiruwan), appetizers (Kobachi), dipping sauce (Tonsui), rice dishes (Donburi), noodles (Ramendon, Udonbachi) and more. While these bowls have been created for these uses, they can of course be used in all different sorts of applications.

Metalic Kessho Large Serving Bowl 30 fl oz / 11.4" dia


These metal bronze bowls have a very unique look and add a touch of luxury. The shape and color of this bowl are perfect for serving vibrant dishes such as sashimi or appetizers, Hors d'oeuvre, etc. Slightly higher shapes are good for making elevations...

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Black Speckled Porcelain Wide Rimmed Bowl 10 fl oz / 5"-9.25" dia


This wide rimmed shallow bowl enhances your presentation to serve appetizers, soup and dessert.Specifications• Material: Porcelain• Dimensions: 9.25" dia, 5" inside dia x1.8""ht (23.5, 12.7 x 4.5cm)• Capacity: 10 fl oz (290...

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