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Shapton #500 Glass Sharpening Stone Double Thick 10mm HR

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Material: Ceramic
Dimensions: 8.25" x 2.75" x 0.8" ht (210 x 70 x 21mm)
Weight: 560g (1.23 lbs)
Grit: #500 (29.4 micron)
* A micron is one-thousandth of a millimeter
Plastic case holder is included

The Shapton glass stone is the essential sharpening tool for any professional or home cook serious about knife care. A synthetic stone with a high degree of uniform abrasion, the Shapton needs no soaking. Compared to other synthetic stones, it creates an edge faster and doesn't wear down as quickly. So the Shapton glass stone makes shaping your knife easier and more convenient. And even when the abrasive surface becomes paper-thin, this stone still performs, thanks to its sturdy glass backing plate.

Shapton glass stones are also engineered to produce no odor, unlike regular whetstones, which can leave an unpalatable odor on knives unless they're carefully cleaned. This is a distinct advantage for cooks who need to quickly shape their knives in the heat of service.

500 grit is a medium coarse grit to be used on dull tools and knives. This stone is favored by many fine tool and knife enthusiasts for its ability to sharpen without causing a scratch pattern that is too coarse. The thicker abrasive offered in this grit recognizes it popularity with sharpening enthusiasts. Knowing this is the go-to stone, it gets used most often with dull tools. It will last twice as long with only a modest price difference.

The Shapton HR (High Resistance) glass stone series is suitable for both stain-resistant and carbon steel knives but especially compatible with stain-resistant knives.

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