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Sakai Takayuki Damascus Hammered VG-10 Kengata Gyuto 190mm (7.5") with Wa-handle

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  • Style: Gyuto (Chef's Knife) with Kiritsuke Tip
  • Length: 190mm (7.5")
  • Weight: 5.43 oz (154g)
  • Special Feature: 33 layer damascus
  • Blade Steel Type: VG 10 Steel
  • Handle material: Keyaki and Mahogany Wood
  • HRC: 60
  • Bevel Angle Ratio: 60/40
  • Cover: Not included
Blade & Handle

This line of knives features a beautiful Keyaki and Mahogany octagonal handle and hammered and polished 33-layered Damascus patterning on either side. The core steel of VG-10 is heat-treated to 60 HRC for excellent edge retention without sacrificing undue ductility and toughness. These knives are thin behind the edge with a 60/40 grind that helps facilitate delicate, precise cuts and minimize wedging in harder foods like daikon and carrots. We recommend these to anyone looking for high-performance geometry in a great-looking knife with better toughness and ease of sharpening compared to harder powdered steels.

Each knife is carefully finished by the craftsmen of Sakai Takayuki so you can rest assured that the knife will perform right out of the box.

Kengata / Kiritsuke Gyuto Knife

Kiritsuke (difficult to transliterate, but the inherent meaning is pushing and cutting similarly to a sword) is a style of knife whose meaning has transformed in recent years. Traditional Kiritsuke are single-bevel knives with a sharp pointed tip that are meant to combine the function of a Usuba and Yanagiba. Recently, it has been popular to call any knife with a pointed tip in the same shape a Kiritsuke or K-tip knife such as Kiritsuke Gyuto or Kiritsuke Yanagiba. As these knives combine the function of a Usuba and Yanagiba they are more versatile in a kitchen since only one knife is required. However, that versatility also means the knife is less specialized to each task and is more difficult to use at the same level. In Japan, usually only the executive chef will use a Kiritsuke.

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