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Taketora Bamboo Carbonized Chopsticks 9.1" (23cm) (Set of 10 Pairs)

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These chopsticks made of bamboo are the eco-friendly option because bamboo is totally biodegradable and takes a significantly shorter amount of time to mature than hardwoods. These bamboo chopsticks have a simple but offer the warmth and elegance that only natural bamboo can provide. Although the back end of the bamboo chopsticks looks like square chopsticks, the tips of the chopsticks are shaved rounded, creating a gentle feel in the mouth. These chopsticks have been carbonized to make them durable. Carbonization is a method that enhances insect and mold resistance by steaming the bamboo through the inside to a baked state under high temperature and pressure. Additionally, the carbonized bamboo turns into a deep brown color, providing a rustic look.

  • Material: Bamboo
  • Dimensions: 9.1" (23cm)
  • Product of Japan
  • 10 pairs / pack

They are handmade from natural materials and due to the charcoal processing, there may be slight variations in shape, size, and color from the product photos,

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