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Melamine Kobiki White Grainy Kobachi Bowl 5.4 fl oz / 4.1" dia

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Kobachi bowls, meaning "small bowl" in Japanese. Traditionally utilized for serving appetizers and tapas such as tsukidashi and otoshi in Japanese, these bowls add a touch of authenticity to Japanese cuisine. Perfect for tapas-style dining, mix and match a variety of these small bowls for a delightful presentation. These versatile bowls can be used as a ramekin dish whether filled with condiments for dipping, holding snacks, or as a handy vessel for preparing ingredients before cooking.
Melamine products stand out as the preferred choice for bustling restaurants seeking a highly durable, lightweight, and well-insulated material. While traditional clay-fired dishes boast beauty, they tend to absorb and transfer heat rapidly, leading to quicker loss of food warmth. In contrast, melamine serves as a superior insulator, ensuring that your food stays warmer for an extended period. Its exceptional durability allows it to withstand both physical and thermal shocks, surpassing what traditional clay dishes can endure. The plates feature fine dimples on their surface, carefully crafted to emulate the appearance and texture of traditional porcelain dishes.

  • Material : Melamine Plastic
  • Size : 4.1" dia x 1.7" ht (10.3cm dia x 4.4cm ht)
  • Capacity (filled up): 160ml / 5.4 fl oz
  • Weight: 0.22 lbs
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Temperature resistance: 248°F / 120°C
  • Non-microwaveable
  • Made in Japan
Melamine Care
  • Dishwasher safe but should be placed on upper racks to avoid heat source to prevent deformations.
  • Washing by hand with soft pads or bristles using gentle detergent is recommended.
  • Avoid low-quality dishwashing detergent when pre-soaking.
  • Avoid using scrub pads, steel wool, and strong chemicals like bleach and industrial detergents.

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