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Kurosaki SG2 Senkou Ei Hammered Sujihiki 270mm (10.6")

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Yu Kurosaki is a talented young blacksmith based out of Takefu, Japan who is best known for his use of intricate forged tsuchime patterns to differentiate his lines. All of his knives have forged distal taper and an aggressive Scandinavian grind resulting in a very thin edge that glides through produce with ease.

What is Senko Ei?

"Senko" literally means a flash of lightning in Japanese. Senko Ei is Kurosaki's latest Tsuchime hammered pattern and lightning flash motif and gives a distinctive design to his exquisite knife and is functional as well. The Senko Ei line we carry are all made using R2/SG2 steel which takes an exceptional edge and keeps it for a long time. The stainless cladding resists corrosion and makes maintenance simple.


These knives are exceedingly thin behind the edge and as such are very delicate. Extra care must be taken during use not to torque the knife. Please do not cut frozen food, crusty bread, bones, or rock-chop with this knife.


• Brand : Kurosaki
• Style : Sujihiki (Slicing Knife)
• Blade Length : 270mm (10.6")
• Weight : 5.6 oz (158g)
• Blade Steel Type : Core R2/SG2 Powdered Steel
• Handle material : Walnut wood with White Resin Ferrule
• HRC : 63
• Bevel Angle Ratio : 50/50
• Cover : Not included

Sujihiki Slicing Knife

Sujihiki (lit. muscle pulling, meaning muscle or tendon cutter) is the Japanese adaptation of western-style slicers. These knives are made thinner and shorter than chef's knives, nakiri and santoku in order to minimize friction while slicing meat and fish. Some chefs will use this style of knife to prepare sashimi and sushi in lieu of a yanagi-ba for its favorable maintenance requirements versus single bevel knives.

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