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Product / Tutorial Videos

Product / Tutorial Videos

We have a collection of product videos as well as tutorial videos with tips on how to sharpen knives, fabricate fish, break down chicken etc. If you have any requests or ideas, we'd be happy to hear from you! Just e-mail us at

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Terukazu Takamura demonstrates the sharpness of high speed powdered steel (HSPS)

Terukazu Takamura, the son of the owner (and one of the blacksmiths) of Takamura Cutlery demonstrates the sharpness of their knives

Katsuramuki & Sogikiri with Chef Yamada of Brushstroke

Executive Chef Yamada demonstrates his excellent knife skills at Brushstroke with his Tsukiji Masamoto Usuba (kamagata). Katsuramuki is a basic knife technique for Japanese chefs that involves peeling a paper thin sheet of daikon. If the knife is not thin or sharp enough, the daikon will crack and you can't obtain a continuous sheet of daikon.

Breaking down a chicken for yakitori with Chef Kono of Tori Shin

Watch Manager and Head Chef Atsushi Kono of Tori Shin skillfully break down a chicken for yakitori with a Tsukiji Masamoto torigarasuki. Tori Shin doesn't waste any part of the organically raised birds: bonjiri (tail), seseri (neck), kawa (skin), sunagimo (gizzards) etc are all part of their menu.

Deboning Chicken Thighs with Chef Abe of EN Japanese Brasserie

Watch Executive Chef Abe of EN Japanese Brasserie skillfully and speedily demonstrate how to debone chicken thighs at the restaurant's open kitchen.

Watch more videos on our YouTube Channel!