Spare Parts

Spare Base Board for Nekken Ever Hot Electric Sushi Rice Warmer


A spare base board for the Nekken Ever Hot Electric Sushi Rice Warmer.SpecificationsDimensions: 11 3/4" diaMaterial: WoodMatching Items Reinforced 120V upgraded (US-model) Nekken Ever Hot 20 Cup Electric Sushi Rice Warmer (91260)$540.00

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Heavy Duty Sushi Rice Napkin Cooking Net


Line your rice cooker with this durable net to make transferring larger quantities of rice more efficient. It also prevents any rice from sticking to the inner pan of the rice cooker. It can be reused after washing.SpecificationsMaterial: Polyester 100%...

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Replacement Sponge Disc for Zojirushi Thermal Rice Warmer


This is a replacement sponge to be attached on lid for Zojirushi ETL Thermal Rice Warmer RDS-series. This sponge is used to collect condensation and works great to prevent the rice from being mushy.SpecificationsDimensions: 9 7/8" diaMatching...

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