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Silky All-Purpose Stainless Steel Scissors with flexible Handle


Silky is the quintessential brand when it comes to kitchen scissors in Japan. These scissors are made in a small form factor perfect for snipping herbs, removing the fins from fish, removing the spine from chickens and more. They may be diminutive, but...

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Ginkgo Nut Nutcracker Tool


This tool is ideal for cracking gingko nuts. Crack Gingko nuts easily by grasping the nut with the tool and squeezing the handle.CareThis item is chrome plated, please do not wash in water. Dry polishing will help keep the product clean and long lasting...

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Stainless Steel Oyster Knife


This knife is for opening oyster shells.SpecificationsMaterial: Stainless steelDimensions: 7 1/2"

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Toribe Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors KS-203


We finally received the scissors which are the best seller in Japan. These scissors can be taken apart and sharpened with a sharpening stone. So you can keep the blades always sharp. These scissors are good for cutting off the gills, fins from fishes...

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Kitchen Scissors Silky Red


Features-Micro-serrated blade edge for slip-proof cutting.-Versatile shears suitable for hard cuts to thin cuts like vinyl.-Serrated area of the handle is ideal for easily cracking nuts, roots or opening screw caps.-Hygienic and made from anti-microbial...

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Gangy Can Opener & Bottle Opener


This can opener offers high durability in the fast pace environment of a restaurant and includes 3 unique extensions. It serves as a bottle opener, lifts tin lids with ease, and is an essential can opener for any household in Japan. MTC Kitchen considers...

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Quail Egg Scissors Pucchi by Kanetsune


Cracking open a raw quail egg is always a challenge unless you have exceptionally nimble or small fingers. The blade of these scissors has an HRC of 58 and will make a clean cut without ruining the raw yolk. Kanetsune owns the intellectual property...

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Crab Scissors


These crab scissors have serrated jaws to crack hard shells and blades that cut softer shells (one of the blades is long and thin enough to be used to excavate meat from inside the claw). A must have for crab lovers.SpecificationsMaterial: Stainless...

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Tsukiji Masamoto Kiridashi Vegetable Carving Knife


This small knife called Kiridashi from Tsukiji Masamoto is traditionally used for carving intricate designs on vegetables and fruit. It uses White#2 steel is ensures smooth and clean carving.SpecificationsMaterial: IronDimensions: 8.3" Full Length, 0.5"...

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