Wood Block for Smoking


Use these blocks when grilling to infuse foods with sublime smoky flavor. The blocks can be used whole or broken into smaller pieces to burn like incense. Made from finely ground wood chips, the blocks burn for about two and a half hours...

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Textured Cast Iron Sukiyaki Pot


Sukiyaki is a popular and well known tabletop Japanese dish, which consists of thinly sliced meat lightly stewed in a sweet and savory braising liquid. This shallow cast iron pot retains heat well and distributes heat efficiently and evenly, and is not...

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Yamaga Cast Iron Pot


Yamaga pots conjure up a feeling of nostalgia for Japanese people as these pots were traditionally hung over open fire in an irori (hearth) and cooking was done in a central location of each home. These are best used for tabletop cooking but can also be...

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Double Wire Grill Basket


Cook fish, meat or vegetables with this grill over a stove top or direct fire. A great alternative for kitchens that don't have grills. Hand made in Japan.SpecificationsMaterial : 18-8 Stainless steelDimensions : 9.84" x 9.84" x 15" length (25 x 25 x...

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Round Tabletop Grill 8.25" dia


Enhance your presentation with this tabletop grill (or hida konro). Small portions of meat, fish and/or vegetable can be cooked with a sterno or small pieces of charcoal placed underneath. Pour a small amount of water (about 3/4" from the bottom) inside...

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Red Lacquered Uchiwa Fan


SpecificationsMaterial: Paper, WoodDimensions: 10" x 11.6" (25.5 cm x 29.5 cm)This fan is a folk art from the Hida region in Japan. In the Hida region, a vermilion-lacquered fan has been considered for praying for Repellent, talisman, road safety, and...

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