Cleaning Supplies

Kitayama Tawashi Palm Scrubbing Brush


Kitayama Masatsumu is a Tawashi master who trained in his teens making Tawashi and has made it his life's work to improve their manufacturing methods over the past 50 years. He has collaborated with Sri Lankan artisans who produce Yashi (palm) to...

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Gekiochi-kun Stain Removing Sponge


This melamine foam sponge is one of the most popular and essential house cleaning products in Japan. Gekiochikun will scrub away the toughest stains with just water and no detergent, making it environmentally friendly.SpecificationsMaterial: Melamine...

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Electric Dispensing Pot Cleaner for Zojirushi


The Citric Acid Cleaner for Electric Water Boilers removes lime scale build-up on all Zojirushi Electric Water Boilers & Warmers. It is 100% citric acid, biodegradable and non-toxic when used as directed.Just dissolve in water, fill the water boiler, and...

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Nail Brush


This nail brush can remove stains from inside of nails after sharpening knives, cutting fishes, and playing with soil.Dimensions: 3.75" x 1.5" ht

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Cutting Board Scraper


This cutting board scraper from Hasegawa manufacture is proud of its outstanding scraping power, and easily erases tough spots, yellowing, molds, grooves and feathering from the surface of your cutting board. It is also possible to do something with the...

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Kamenoko Tawashi Scrubbing Brush


This biodegradable, all-natural scrubbing brush has been around in Japanese households for over 100 years and is made from hemp palm fiber. Each brush is carefully tied and finished by hand. Indispensable in the kitchen, this brush is hard, durable and...

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Sasara Bamboo Cleaning Brush


This is an all-natural and sustainable cleaning tool made with bamboo. Finely split bamboo are bundled together to make this whisk-like scrubber. With minimal soap, you can clean pots and pans and remove ingredients that are stuck to the bottom without...

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