Prep Utensils

[NEW] Wooden Shaver Slicer for Dried Bonito Katsuobushi


This wooden Bonito Shaver is an essential tool for anyone who wants to make a flavorful and fresh taste dashi or garnish. The shaver makes thin slice of Dried Bonito and the slice is stored in the drawer below. This would be ideal for restaurants or for...

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Dried Bonito Katsuobushi Shaver Slicer Staineless Steel


This Compact Bonito Shaver is made by Hokiyama, a renowned cutlery company with a long history of manufacturing in the Tosa area. The shaver is encased in a removable hard plastic case for ease of cleaning and to provide a clear view of the Bonito being...

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Cotton Cooking Butcher's Twine for Meat Prep and Trussing Takoito 311 ft


SpecificationsMaterial: Cotton 100%Length: 311 ft (95m)Diameter: 0.07" (1.7mm)Use this butcher's string for trussing to tie things up. Tightly binding a stuffed rolled beef or pork roast helps the meat cook more evenly and keeps it juicy and succulent...

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Cooking Oil and Sauce Dispenser


This dispencer is typically used for dispensing cooking oil over food during grilling or sauteing, it can be also used for dressings as well as syrups for kakigori (shaved ice) and other liquids that you need portion control for.SpecificationsMaterial:...

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"Magic Five" Sauce Dispenser 16.9 oz


"Magic Five" has five little spouts for evenly dispensing sauce in small amounts. While it is typically used for dispensing mayonnaise over okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancakes), it can be used for dressings as well as syrups for kakigori (shaved ice)...

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