Yo-Deba (Fish Knife)

The Yo-Deba literally means “Western Deba” and these knives have a double-bevel edge, making it ideal for cutting through lobster and crab shells. Like the Deba, which is the Japanese style fish knife used for butchering fish, the Yo-Deba also has a thick blade and considerable weight, which makes it ideal for cutting through fish bones and filleting large fish.


Sakai Takayuki Inox Yo-Deba 210mm (8.2")

$170.00 $160.00

SpecificationsStyle : Yo-debaLength : 210mm (8.2")Weight : 12 ozBlade Steel Type : InoxHandle material : POM ResinHRC : 58Bevel Angle Ratio : 70/30Cover : Not includedBlade & HandleAoki Hamono applies their expertise in crafting traditional knives to...

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