Japanese Knives

Wa-Bocho, or Japanese-style knives, trace their origin to the days of the Samurai warriors. In fact, the same hand-forging methods used to produce Samurai swords are still used today to create these classic kitchen blades, which are among the finest cutlery available in the culinary world. In traditional Japanese cuisine, special emphasis is placed on highlighting a chef's skill through intricate knife work. To achieve this mastery, Japanese chefs rely on a variety of specialized Wa-Bocho to prepare vegetables, fish, and meat. Today, Japanese knife manufacturers also make Western-style knives to cater to the needs of chefs all over the world. Having a sharp knife is an essential part of cooking because it will affect the integrity of the ingredients.

Search by Knives Style

  • Gyuto Chef Knives

    Gyuto Knives

    Japanese version of the classic Western chef's knife.

  • Yanagi Knives

    Yanagi Knives

    Designed for Japanese Sushi chefs to slice raw fish and seafood.

  • Sujihiki Slicing Knives

    Sujihiki Slicing Knives

    Slicing knife ideal for thinly carving meats, slicing terrines and patés as well as sashimi.

  • Petty Knives

    Petty (Paring) Knives

    Smaller version of Gyuto knife. The most popular style for bartenders and pastry chefs.

  • Santoku Knives

    Santoku Knives

    Multipurpose knife used for cutting meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.

  • Deba Knives

    Deba Knives

    Heavy knife for gutting and filleting fish, and can also be used to remove the scales of smaller fish.

  • Yo-Deba Fish Knives

    Yo-Deba Fish Knives

    Ideal for cutting through lobster and crab shells as well as fish bones and filleting large fish.

  • Nakiri Knives

    Nakiri Knives

    Ideal for chopping, slicing and mincing all types of vegetables.

  • Usuba Knives

    Usuba Knives

    Traditional Japanese knife for cutting vegetables, especially for Katsuramuki.

  • Boning Knives

    Honesuki / Garasuki
    (Boning Knives)

    Japanese boning knife used to butcher meat and poultry.

  • Takohiki Knives

    Takohiki Knives

    Kanto (Tokyo) style fish-slicing knife. Characterized by its squared head which helps arrange sashimi on a plate.

  • Mukimono Knives

    Mukimono Knives

    Ideal for peeling vegetables, as well as for carving and cutting of vegetables and fruit for decorative purposes.

  • Bread Knives

    Bread Knives

    Its scalloped blade can slice cleanly through the crispy crusts of whole loaves.

Search by Knife Brands

  • Takamura Knives

    Takamura Knives

  • Tsukiji Masamoto Knives

    Tsukiji Masamoto

  • Nenox Nenohi Knives

    Nenohi / Nenox

  • Haku Knives by Nenohi

    Haku Knives

  • Sukenari Knives


  •  Kato Knives

    Yoshimi Kato

  • Sakai Takayuki Knives

    Sakai Takayuki

  • Takada no Hamono Knives

    Takada no Hamono

  • Yu Kurosaki Knives


  • Misono Knives


  • Seki Kanetsugu Knives

    Seki Kanetsugu

  • Sakon Knives


  • Ikkaku Donryu Knives

    Ikkaku Donryu

  • Caddie Knives


  • Ajimisaku Knives