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Spicy Sauce & Pastes

S&B Yuzu Kosho Spucy Citrus Paste in Tube 1.52 oz / 43g


Yuzu kosho is a popular condiment that blends the flavors of yuzu citrus with spicy green chili peppers. This S&B version comes in a convenient squeezable tube form. Add a dollop to sushi, sashimi, ramen, yakitori, dumplings, carpaccio grilled meat...

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S&B Nama Shichimi (Nanami) Togarashi Chili Paste in Tube 1.52 oz / 43g


S&B Nanami Chili paste, sometimes referred to as “Nama Shichimi”, is a blend of seven different kinds of aromatic spices. Spicy red chili pepper, hint of fresh yuzu citrus and crunchy texture of sesame are blended harmoniously to create this...

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Wafu Gekikara Super ​Hot Chili Sauce 2.02 oz / 60ml


Kanzuri, the traditional seasoning sauce from Niigata's Myoko City, is made extra spicy by fermenting chili powder for three years. The Kaminari (Gold) is prepared by adding Carolina Reaper hot peppers, certified in 2013 as the new "world's spiciest"...

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Maruya Maikohan La-Yu Spicy Seasoning 3.17 oz / 90g


This la-yu (Layu / Rayu) based garlic seasoning comes from Kyoto near Kiyomizu Temple. The "Maiko Han - Hii Hii~" series uses habanero and blended with other kinds of red pepper creating a delicious and extremely spicy flavor. This seasoning adds a...

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Kuki Junsei Goma La-Yu Chili Oil 60.8 fl oz (1800ml)


La-yu (Layu / Rayu) is a chili oil condiment. Chili peppers are boiled in pure Kuki sesame seed oil to extract a good chili flavor. Great as an addition to Ponzu for a Gyoza dip or added to pickles for an extra kick...

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Karakuchi La-Yu Chili Oil 58.2 fl oz (1650ml)


La-yu (Layu / Rayu) is a chili oil condiment. Great as an addition to Ponzu for a Gyoza dip or added to pickles for an extra kick.Specifications• Manufacturer: Chiyoda• Ingredients: Edible colza oil, Edible sesame oil, Spice, Paprika...

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S&B Tabletop La-Yu Chili Oil 1.1 oz / 31.2g


S&B La-yu (Layu / Rayu) is made mainly from extract of select red chili peppers. It features a pungent spiciness, bright red color and the savory flavor of sesame oil. Use with the dumpling sauce, as a garnish for noodle soups, a seasoning for fried meat...

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Kanzuri Fermented Citrus Chili Sauce 2.46 oz / 70g


“Kanzuri” is a pungent relish of chilies, rice malt, salt and yuzu. Fermented in the snow and aged for 3-6 years. There is a deep umami in hotness, and when melted in sauce of a pot dish, the deliciousness of the material is further improved. It can...

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Yuzu Kosho Citrus Green Chili Paste 2.82 oz / 80g


Yuzu kosho (yuzu pepper paste) is a spicy, salty condiment with the fragrance of yuzu citron. This yuzu kosho is made with green chile peppers. This is a great condiment for grilled or fried dishes. Specifications• Manufacturer: Ocean...

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Yamajirushi Yuzu-It Citrus Chili Sauce 5 fl oz / 148ml


Yuzu-it is a zesty yuzu pepper hot sauce with a refreshing citrus accent. Use it to spice up a variety of your favorite dishes. It is perfect as a topping or dipping sauce, or as an ingredient in other preparations. Try it with sushi, seafood, all...

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Huy Fong Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce 28 oz / 793g


Huy Fong's Sriracha sauce is the original chili sauce with the iconic rooster logo created by Vietnamese chili maker David Tran. This versatile hot sauce can used on soups, sauces, pastas, pizzas, hot dogs, hamburgers or on anything else to add...

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Youki Tobanjyan Chili Bean Paste 35.2 oz / 1kg


Tobanjyan is a spicy Sichuan style bean paste. Instantly adds authentic flavor to stir fries, marinades, noodles, dipping sauce or dressings. Tobanjan pairs well with tofu and is the key ingredient in mabo tofu. This tobanjyan is a perfect addition to...

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S&B Okazu La-Yu Chili Oil with Fried Garlic 3.9 oz / 110g


This La-yu (Layu / Rayu) condiment consists of chili oil and chili paste with savory crunchy ingredients. Mildly spicy flavor and texture from the fried garlic are a perfect match with many dishes.Use as a versatile topping for chicken, sushi, pasta,...

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