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Ajikan Frozen Atsuyaki Tamagoyaki - Japanese Rolled Omelette


Tamagoyaki is a type of Japanese omelet which is made by rolling together several layers of cooked egg in an Omelet Pan (rectangular pan). Sweet and fluffy and perfect for sushi or simple appetizers. Specifications• Ingredients: Egg, Sugar,...

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Ajikan Frozen Kinshi Tamago - Shredded Egg Crepe Garnish 10.58 oz (300g)


These egg threads are often used as a garnish at the end of cooking to add a pop of color to a dish. Perfect for rice dishes and salad. Thaw under refrigeration.Specifications• Ingredients: Egg, Sugar, Hydroxy propyl distarch phosphate (Corn),...

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Frozen Hokkaido Natto 3 pcs x 4.23oz (40g)


These fermented soybeans, Natto, are a traditional Japanese food. This popular choice in Japan uses 100% Hokkaido high quality soybeans "suzumaru". It has a pleasantly soft and sticky texture. It also comes with a seasoning made from high quality kelp...

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Miyako Frozen Crab Cream Croquette 6 pcs (12.7 oz/360g)


This Crab Cream Croquette uses real crab caught in Tottori Prefecture's Sakai Harbor. The rich crab flavor and creaminess are further enhanced by the use of real crab extract. To use, deep fry croquettes in 350-360 degrees F for 5-6...

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