Gyoza, Shumai & Takoyaki

Frozen No-MSG Premium Vegetable Gyoza Dumpling 192 pcs / case


Made with fresh, whole vegetables cut on-site from California and Arizona. Addition of Edamame for higher menu price and increased profit. This gyoza is pre-steamed and fully cooked to retain the natural flavors. Also, it is conveniently tray packed for...

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Frozen Gyoza Skin 50pcs (0.8 x 90mm)


These Gyoza skin are ready for assembly into tasty dumplings. Stuff with your favorite assortment of meat, fish or vegetables and seal the ends with water or egg wash. Shinwa Gyoza skin is No 1. share sales item in Japan...

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Katokichi Frozen Shrimp Shumai 300 pcs / case


A Japanese style steamer dumpling made with fresh shrimp and vegetables. One of our longtime best-selling items.Specifications• Manufacturer: Miyako• Ingredients: Onion, Cod Fish, Water, Shrimp, Wheat Flour, Potato Starch, Pork Fat,...

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Miyako Frozen Yokohama Pork Shumai 50 pcs / 1.65 lbs (748g)


Traditional Yokohama style Shumai uses oyster sauce for more flavor and Umami; soft and juicy texture.Specifications• Manufacturer: Miyako• Ingredients: Pork, Onions, Water, Unbleached Enriched Flour (Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour,...

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Frozen No-MSG Mini Pork & Veg Shumai with Wasabi 48 pcs / 1.55 lbs (700g)


Fresh pork and vegetables used to ensure superior flavor. The pork is 80/20 lean fat and which means more meat and less fat. Pre-steamed and individually quick frozen to retain natural flavoring. Japanese Wasabi adds extra depth to traditional Shumai...

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Miyako Frozen No-MSG Big Pork & Shrimp Shumai 27 pcs / 1.69 lbs (767g)


A pork and shrimp filled dumpling with water chestnuts in a delicate wrap. It is a little bigger than most Shumai.Specifications• Manufacturer: Miyako• Ingredients: Pork, Onion, Water Chestnut (Water Chestnut, Water, Citric Acid),...

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Frozen No-MSG Pork, Shrimp, Veg Shumai with Wasabi 27 pcs / 1.69 lbs (767g)


A pork, shrimp and vegetable filled dumpling with water chestnuts in a delicate spinach wrap. Wasabi is mixed into this filling to give it a delicious zing.Specifications• Manufacturer: Passport• Ingredients: Pork, Onion, Water...

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Frozen No-MSG Shrimp Gyoza Dumpling 40 pcs / 1.65 lbs (748g)


These fully-cooked Gyoza are made from wild Shrimp and Surimi so they can be simply steamed, pan-fried or deep fried for a quick appetizer. These Gyoza contain no MSG, relying totally on the natural umami found in seafood to give it its savory punch...

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Frozen No-MSG Wakadori Chicken Gyoza Dumpling 48 pcs / 1.89 lbs (857g)


This Wakadori (young Chicken) Gyoza is made with 100% thigh meat for a softer, juicier and more flavorful filling. Pre-steamed and individually quick frozen to retain optimal flavor. This item is fully cooked for quick and safe preparation. No MSG added...

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Frozen Takoyaki Octopus Balls 40 pcs / 28.2 oz (800g)


These Takoyaki have already been formed and pre-cooked before being individually quick frozen for ease of service. Make a delicious snack in minutes by simply baking in an oven or deep frying them. Then serve with Kewpie mayo, Okonomiyaki sauce and...

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