Vinegars (Su)

Yokoi Kinsho Rice Vinegar 60.8 fl oz / 1800ml


Kinsho has rich Umami, yet refined and mellow flavor. Use it as the base for sushi vinegar, salad dressings, quick pickles and more. In fattier dishes, a tiny splash will help bring out flavors without making the dish sour and can enhance and complement...

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Yokoi Sudachi Ponzu Sauce 60.8 fl oz / 1800ml


Yokoi blends their carefully crafted vinegar with fresh Sudachi, lemon and yuko juice to create this Ponzu base. It may be mixed with honey or sugar and soda water to make a refreshing drink, or mixed with soy sauce and dashi to make Ponzu sauce to use...

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Yokoi Edo Tannen Su Rice Vinegar 60.8 fl oz / 1800ml


Edo Tannensu is vinegar made from strictly selected sake lees, aged for an extended period of time which causes the color to change to a deep, dark brown. This vinegar is full of umami with deep earthen tones and notes of mushroom. A small portion of...

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Saika Ginjyo Akazu Rice Vinegar 10.1 fl oz / 300ml


This is an authentic Akazu (red vinegar) that has been produced exclusively with Yamada Nishiki Jyunmai Dai Ginjyo sake lees that have undergone a yearlong aging process and Junmai Sake. Following the addition of the Junmai sake it is then barrel-aged...

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Saika No-MSG Multi-Purpose Dashi Vinegar - Otematorasezu 10.1 fl oz / 300ml


This is a multi-purpose rice vinegar containing dashi made with bonito and kelp. This can be used for many recipes such as sushi vinegar, pickled vegetables or marinated fish.Specifications• Manufacturer: Kokonoe...

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