WuFuYuan Tapioca Pearl Black 8.8 oz (250g)


Black tapioca pearls, often called “Boba” are used in Boba Milk Tea, Bubble Tea, Thai Iced Tea, or Iced Coffee at your own home. They have a springy, chewy texture and are quality tapioca pearls that have been precooked and then dehydrated. Just boil...

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Sakura Kuromitsu Black Sugar Syrup 7.05 oz (200g)


This is a Japanese sugar syrup referred to as Kuromitsu or “black honey”. It has a similar taste to molasses and caramelized sugar but thinner and milder. It is popular drizzled over fruits, ice cream, pancakes and mochi...

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Frozen Baked Yuzu Citrus Cheese Cake 12 slices/box


Japanese-style baked Yuzu Cheesecake. Blended with a lavish amount of yuzu marmalade into the cheese batter and topped off with a thin layer of yuzu glaze. The delightful tang of yuzu is flawlessly balanced with just the right amount of sweetness that...

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Frozen Baked Green Tea Cheese Cake 12 slices/box


GOYO Foods Industry Co Ltd is a Japan-based company engaged in the production of frozen confection. The Company’s best-selling product is baked cheese cakes. Cheesecake has long been considered one of the most decadent desserts by food lovers and this is...

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QBB Rokko Jyukusei Aged Cheese 3.8 oz (108g)


This small aged cheese wheel is an excellent addition to a snack board for a party or to simply eat on its own. By proprietary technology, natural cheese which promoted aging is blended in more than 50% of the cheese...

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QBB Rokko Candy Cheese 4.58 oz (130g)


These subtly sweet “candy cheese” bites are a perfect snack when the craving for cheese hits. They’re individually wrapped like candies so you can eat as many or as little as you’d like.Specifications• Ingredients: Natural cheese ,...

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Frozen Matcha Green Tea Short Cake 12 slices/box


The finest matcha, From Uji, Kyoto is lavishly integrated into the sponge to give a rich, earthy green tea flavor to this shortcake. The natural bitterness of the matcha is thoughtfully balanced with layers of lightly-sweetened Soy milk whipped cream,...

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Frozen Green Tea Mont Blanc Cake 4 cakes/box


Mont Blanc (or Mon-buran in Japanese) is extremely popular in Japan that there are cake shops devoted entirely to variations of this chestnut cream cake. Imported from Japan, this Mont Blanc has a soft layer of sponge cake as base, topped with a pillowy...

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Imuraya Yude Azuki Precooked Red Azuki Beans (430g)


Adzuki beans, also called simply Azuki or Adzuki, are Japanese red mung beans that are traditionally used in sweets such as Manjyu and Taiyaki. These particular Adzuki are pre-cooked and sourced entirely from Tokachi, Hokkaido which is a famous growing...

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