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Kelp (Kombu)

Shredded Kelp 2-Year Dashi Ma-Kombu 5.8 oz / 165g


Konbu (or kombu), a tall, dark green plant which grows in shallow to medium deep cold seawater, is an indispensable staple in the preparation of Japanese foods. This particular konbu has been aged for two years and is shredded to offer a faster way to...

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Shredded Shio Kombu - Salted Kelp 7.1 oz / 200g


Shio kombu is kelp that has been simmered in soy sauce and other ingredients (such as sake and a sweetener), dried and then cut into pieces. In Japan, Shio kombu is often used as a topping for rice. But these days, chefs both in Japan and overseas are...

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