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Sushi Condiments

S&B Prepared Wasabi Paste in Tube 3.17 oz / 90g


Tube Wasabi has becomes a staple item in Japan and throughout the world thanks to S&B, the first company ever to offer this hands off version of wasabi. The S&B's tube wasabi has authentic flavor, pungency and aroma of wasabi. Use it to enjoy its...

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White Sushi Gari Pickled Ginger 8.2 oz / 230g


Gari (sliced ginger pickled in sweet vinegar) is a staple accompaniment to sushi. No plate of sushi is complete without a dollop of wasabi and small heap of this palate cleansing ginger. Specifications• Ingredients: Ginger, Water, Salt,...

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Pink Sushi Gari Pickled Ginger 8.2 oz / 230g


Gari is sliced ginger pickled in sweet vinegar. Gari is a sushi necessity and is enjoyed as a palate cleanser and flavor enhancing accompaniment. Traditionally, gari was pink in color which came from the tips of the younger ginger which was often used...

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Shredded Red Pickled Ginger Beni-Shoga 8.2 oz / 230g


Benishoga is thinly sliced ginger that is prepared in plum vinegar. A popular side dish in Japanese cuisine, it is considered a type of Tsukemono and often served with Gyudon, Okonomiyaki, and Yakisoba. Its thin strips are pickled in Umezu, a...

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