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Sawara Cypress Ohitsu (Edobitsu) Sushi Rice Jar 42.5 fl oz / 9.4" dia

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Sawara cypress is very similar to the Japanese cypress (hinoki) but its aroma is not as strong, making it suitable for storing sushi rice. It is a rough grain wood with a matte finish and absorbs excess moisture from the rice to prevent sogginess and make it the perfect texture for sushi. This hand-made wooden sushi jar is elegant, practical, and perfect for high-end sushi bars.

  • Dimensions: 9.4" dia x 6.1" ht (24cm dia x 15.5cm ht)
  • Capacity: 42.5 fl oz, 7 Cups (1 Cup = 180ml)
  • Material: Sawara wood (Sawara cypress), Polyurethane Coating (BPA Free), Copper
  • The Sawara Cypress is coated with polyurethane, which prevents wooden material from cracking and splitting as it dries, makes it more durable, easier to clean, versatile uses, and promotes food safety.
  • This Sawara Cypress Ohitsu has copper hoops nailed into the body so that they won’t fall out.
Care Instruction
Before first use
  1. Wash it lightly with water using a dish soap
  2. Wipe it off with a cloth.
After use
  1. Wash with water or hot water and wipe with a cloth. Please use a detergent with a neutral odor
  2. Completely dry by exposing to sunlight
  3. Store in the box

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