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Hoshizaki Countertop Sushi Case 5ft

SKU 91205
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• Hoshizaki Model: HNC-150BA-R(L)-S, Available with compressor on the right or left side (from customer's viewpoint)
• SKU: #91205 (Right), #91257 (Left)
• AC Supply Voltage: 1 Phase, 115V, 60Hz
• Power Supply Capacity: 0.47kVA (4.7A)
• Rated Amperage: 3.2 Amps
• Starting Amperage: 13 Amps
• Electric Consumption: 195W
• Saturation Temperature: Apprx. 39°F
• Net Capacity: 2.01 ft³
• Ambient Temperature: 50-80°F
• Exterior Dimensions: 59.1" x 13.6" x 11" ht
• Interior Dimensions: 45.1" x 11.3" x 6.2" ht
• Refrigeration System: Convection cooling
• Sliding Door: 4 pieces
• Weight: 101 lbs
• Manufacturer Warranty: One year for parts & labor on entire unit, two year: for parts & labor on compressor, evaporator, air-cooled condenser, five year: for parts on compressor, air-cooled condenser
*valid in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico & US Territories only
• For repairs and maintenance, please go to the official Hoshizaki website to find your nearest authorized Hoshizaki service representative. Please have ready the model number, serial number and restaurant location.


• Top glass angles down
• Ceiling easier to clean
• NSF approved thermometer
• Plate space on top of unit, 5.6 inches
• Large diameter 1 inch drains at front
• Larger front to back interior, 11 inches
• Interior floor has a radius at all four sides
• Self-contained refrigeration unit- easy to install
• Condenser airflow is in the back and out the side
• Large diameter upper evaporator with tin plating
• Large condenser face area improves cooling performance
• Slightly taller doors with plastic seal at end, opposite of the handle
• Solid food plates with radius groove to fit sushi foods
• Food plates can be turned upside down and used to improve cooling performance
• R-134A Refrigerant

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